The Liberal Takeover

The liberal takeover of the Internet will nullify most attempts by those at the core of America to be heard online.  Liberals control the infrastructure of the Internet and are allowed to control the message. Although the great majority of Americans realize that the current administration and its minions (those that Gallup defines as true liberals at 22% of the U.S. population) are ruining this country through their extremist policies, there is little that can be done.  There is no true conservative party to stand up to them, to challenge their stranglehold on the liberties we enjoy and the political correctness that they use to undermine America.

That last great hope for America can not currently be found. There is no single politician with the guts and determination to reverse the course we are on.  The far left has the election process rigged, has been able to commit mass fraud unchallenged and has been able to polarize the country through strategies that guarantee them continued power. They have been allowed to foist extremist ideas and lifestyles on the regular American that were recognized as being illegitimate (and even a clinical mental illness up until 1974). They are completing the mission of bin Laden, who understood that his counterparts on the left in America, would destroy this country from within. They have brainwashed a generation into turning their backs on God and that will turn out to be a monumental mistake.

America may be here in 20 years, but she will not be the light on the hill, the world’s best superpower or the true domain of freedom and liberty.  As is the case today, America will continue down a road of communism or socialism, as wealth redistribution and spying on it’s citizens becomes commonplace. It will continue to look less like the government created by the Founders and more like a tyrannical dictatorship run by whichever far left administration happens to be in office. Environmental policies will boost the unemployment numbers further and result in a government takeover of most large corporations. The liberal takeover will make the word “America” synonymous with any third-world country.

The patients have truly taken over the asylum. That’s all folks.


Run towards the giant

One of my favorite verses in the Bible says that David ran towards the giant. He was not sheepish or fearful. While the greatest of warriors ran from the giant, the little shepherd boy ran directly towards the giant, certain that God would give him victory. (1 Samuel 17:48)

There is a message there for Christians. It is time to run directly towards this evil giant called political correctness. It is time to slay political correctness and save the freedoms that are enshrined in our Constitution for all Americans.

Christians have been bullied in recent years by groups that loathe them. Those groups are like the proverbial bully who controls the schoolyard and makes life miserable for everyone he meets. It is time for Christians to become emboldened, certain that the majority of Americans stand behind them. As we saw with the millions who supported Chick-fil-a or the more recent millions who supported Phil Robertson, the trends that threaten freedom of speech, freedom of religion and individual rights are popular only among a small minority.

The fact that a minority can take away the rights and freedoms of the majority cannot stand. It is time to run towards the giant and end its reign. Political correctness has been allowed to run amok and destroy the lives of good Americans and the rights that were established with the founding of America. All freedom-loving people, whether practicing Christians or not, must save America from the bully now.